Thursday, December 29, 2005

google blog search - beta

A new search from my favorite company Google...

It allows you to search blogs only for a certain subject.
I don't know what determines the page ranking on this yet... I suspect it may simply be based on "time posted" in that I just did a search for "nun bun" and my blog post (which I posted about an hour ago) came up on the first page of hits. (cool).
Google's usual page ranking is determined by how many people link to a certain website (in addition to other trade secret algorithms)... I'm sure my blog is not linked to by that many people to warrant a page 1 listing. But I'm not complaining :)
This could be a great tool to find out what other people are thinking about a subject and for getting alternative points of view. I think the whole blogging topic is just begining to take off, with many social consequences yet undiscovered... Once people realize the incredible freedom and creative outlet this is I think it will grow. The challenge will be to have your 'voice' be heard over others in a crowded cafeteria... Or in my case, I'd rather be sitting at the small table of nerds and geeks in the back of the cafeteria speaking quietly :)

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