Wednesday, December 21, 2005

pointless observation

I was driving to work this morning, and approached the traffic light where I sit almost daily, and was just looking around the intersection when some movement caught my eye way above the intersection... There, high up on a telephone wire was a small bird shuffling sideways across the wire. It just struck me as both funny and odd that for whatever reason this bird was shuffling across the wire. Why? for a better view of something? Why not fly over, instead of shuffling?
Then the traffic light changed to green and it was off to the real world again. While driving on, I remembered the pixar short film called "For the Birds" and how funny it was. So for your viewing pleasure, I recommend that you take a few minutes and either look around your outdoor surroundings to see what the birds are doing, or watch this funny film short. Sadly, this is not the entire film... they want you to purchase it on itunes. Sorry for the teaser. Ah... but wait... Your in luck... as long as you can put up with the quality, here's a copy someone uploaded to google video (link removed). I just checked on this link and google has removed it... probably because it's copyrighted material. I believe this short from pixar originally appeared on the Monsters, Inc. Dvd... worth the rental just for this short movie in my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh, man! I couldn't get either link to show me anything. Guess I'll go outside and see what bird-happenings are going on. Today we had the hawk!