Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Country Boys

I just finished watching a really good documentary series on PBS. It was a 3 part series broken into 1 hour shows shown on Mon, Tues, and Wed nights at 10pm. The series was riveting. It's hard to describe and put into words... I'll do it anyway... Basically followed the lives of two young men (Cody and Chris) around 17 years old. They were going through tough times but kept going. The series followed their decisions for a period of years condensed down to a 3 hour "movie". Like I said, It doesn't lend itself to words. BUT... something I've never seen PBS do before and that is really cool of them to do... the night after the show premiers, they put the episodes up on the internet where you can watch them for free. They are also broken into smaller segments so you don't need to watch all 3 hours in one sitting. Try to watch this if you can...

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