Sunday, January 22, 2006

People are strange, when your a stranger

I think I might have mentioned this crazy idea in one of my earlier blogs, that this was something I was going to do starting on the new year. I had this kooky idea of coming up with a list of things to do once a week. Things you normally wouldn't do, Things that have no point what-so-ever. Then, I chickened out because after I thought about it, it was a stupid idea. I thought 'people have enough things to do in their everyday life, to spend doing something silly.' But, after thinking even more about it, I thought... 'why not!' So, no pressure on you my gentle readers, think of these as an open challenge. If you are goal orientated, you get one point (or more) for each item you do. At the end of the year add up all your points, and you'll win... well... nothing. But you'll have a lot of points, and bragging rights to say, yeah, I took time out of my busy schedule to something odd, for no apparent reason and look at all these points. There's got to be meaning in here somewhere...
So... Onward to the first challenge! (before I use up my alotted ellipses for this blog...)

Walk around with only one shoe on.
Point Value = 2

(no other rules - try it for only 2 minutes or see how long you can stand it - does your world seem out of balance? Does your world seem IN balance now?)

FYI> ellipsis |i?lipsis| noun ( pl. -ses |-s?z|) the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues. • a set of dots indicating such an omission.

PS> If you have an idea for a challenge, post it in the comment area, and maybe I'll use it for an "official" challenge.

I'll tag each of these challenges with "strangechallenge" so if you should happen to miss a week, or come in at week 15 and want to see what some of the other challenges have been, you can do a word search.
tag: strangechallenge


Anonymous said...

I took the 1-shoe challenge and liked it. it made me aware of the different textures (cold tile, soft rug, hard floor); makes an interesting uneven sound. made me aware of my individual steps.

Anonymous said...

here's an idea for a challenge:
take 4 minutes and just watch the clouds go by.

cyen said...

great challenge for the cloud watching. It reminds me of a movie I saw (I can't recall the title of it at the moment) where the guy would lay on the grass look up at the clouds and try to "bust 'em apart" - he called it cloud busting. I'll defintely add this to the challenge list. Thanks!