Wednesday, January 18, 2006

creepy crawlies

I found this info today on the web, talking about 27 NEW species discovered in some caves in California. It's incredible to think about new species of animals (insects) being discovered in our modern times, and in a populated area like California of all places. If you told me there was a new bug discovered in the jungles of the Amazon, that wouldn't shock me as much. Here's a link talking about the new species and the study that took about 3 years...

On a semi related note, this idea of finding new species reminded me of a post I saw a few weeks back on boingboing. It was a technique used to "stabilize" the famous "Zapruder" film of the assassination of JFK. It is a pretty cool technique and really does make a difference to the shaky footage. Well, someone used this same technique to un-shake-ify the famous footage of bigfoot walking away.

I was really interested in bigfoot and Nessie back when I was a kid... it was probably my first introduction to "alternative viewpoints" regarding the scientific community. At one point, I thought that's what I wanted to be when I grew up... someone who would travel the world looking for undiscovered (or "imaginary" animals)... a "cryptozoologist" if you will. :)
Anway, check out the link on the insects in the cave for some 'edumacation' then click on over to this link to see the bigfoot footage (it's a strange gif file that takes some time to load in your browser be patient). By the way... All these years I thought bigfoot was a "He" check out this footage and tell me if you think it's a "She"!
If you are interested, here's the link to the stabilized Zapruder film - Warning it's not edited and is not for the squeamish. (you'll need quicktime to view it)

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