Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Manly Man

I wanted to blog briefly about a new project I started... I'm knitting myself a scarf of all things. I thought it would be neat to have a Harry Potter scarf (yes, I'm a nerd and a geek) and thought, why not try to do it myself. My mom and sister both know how to knit (very well too!) and I wondered how difficult it is to learn. At first glance, to watch them knit or crochet it looks like plain ol' "magic"... they twirl their fingers around a string using one or two sticks, and out the other end comes something of beauty and usefulness. So, with a quick lesson from my mom, I was able to get motivated.
I got my yarn, a couple of sticks (still can't call them knitting needles), and went online for some tutorials to start. Within an hour or so, I was ready to give up, and go buy a stupid scarf. (I don't even wear scarfs). But then something clicked, and I started to get it. I've since had to destroy my first attempt as I was doing something wrong, and couldn't figure out what (kept adding a stitch). But now I've got the beginnings of a scarf going. I don't know if I'll ever do this again, but it is an interesting experience and it's creative as well. There's something really cool to me to be able to make something with your hands that has a use. It strikes a note of being anti-corporate that I like too.
Now I'm off to go drink some beer, watch some football, burp, and kill a small helpless animal to compensate for this scarf making business.

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