Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Disclosure Project

Well, I saw a link over on Reddit that caught my attention... It was labeled: SETI had made contact with extraterrestrials. I used to participate in the SETI at home project (you simply download a screensaver that kicks in and processes data packets of info for Seti). I had done this for probably several years (with a slow computer) and never felt like I was ever contributing. So this headline caught my attention. Well, turns out it was a bit misleading. The video clip is from a guy named Steven M Greer who is in charge or head of another project called "The Disclosure Project". Mr. Greer is simply saying this information second hand and not revealing the name of the contact inside of SETI who made the claim. A bit fishy if you ask me... BUT... On this same video link page, is a link about The Disclosure Project and a news conference it had back in 2001 at the National Press Club. What? Why didn't I know about this? Well, I finally had about 2 hours to put aside today and watch this. I will admit, parts of it is kinda boring in that it's just a bunch of guys standing up and talking. BUT, some of the information they revealed is pretty incredible.
I doubt any of you reading this will want to spend the 2 hours going through this, so I'll try to give you the nutshell version. The Disclosure Project is a group of men and women who have first hand knowledge, and even documents, of UFO's. These people are people that are high up in the military, pilots, DIA officers, Crypto officers with top secret clearance, etc. In other words, these are not some joe schmoe farmer in the middle of a cow pasture who claims to have seen a light in the sky. (not to discount their account, it's just that the witness may not be that credible.). These guys (and gals) during this press conference are giving small testimonies about what they have seen and heard, or have direct evidence of UFO's and that they are willing to give testimony under oath to the US Congress. WOW!
Yes, the typical skeptic (including my skeptic side) will simply brush this aside and say they are all part of an elaborate hoax. But really... I don't think it is. I'm going to go to their website now and see what I can find out about them, and see what (if anything) they have accomplished since this press conference om 2001.
In the meantime, check this short video out here: this is the one about Seti.
Then go and try to plod through the entire video here: This is the 2 hour press conference.

If you have found this post via a search engine, I would invite comments here as to if you think the Disclosure Project seems credible to you (or not) and why.


Anonymous said...

I am a research scientist in the field of evolutionary ecology, mostly in salmon. I am intimately familiar with the scientific process, and familiar with the process of peer review. I have reviewed this 2 hour video, and I am blown away by its concents. Two nights ago, Jan 17 2007, I came across The Disclosure Project video using the Firefox addon called StumbleUpon. I am a skeptic at heart, and DID NOT expect to get sucked into the contents of this video, as I have. Greer makes an incredible case here, and his 22 witnesses (of a reported 500+ as of the most recent count I could find, May 9, 2006), come across as irrefutably legitimate. These men and women are too high up in the US government and private industry to simply put their careers, and possibly lives, on the line like they have done here. This is the point that makes this story so entirely compelling. What is going on here? Until 2 days ago, I was a hardcore UFO skeptic.

cyen said...

Hello Anon,
Thanks for the comment. I too was sort of on the fence about ufo's. I've always enjoyed hearing the stories and seeing the (usually out of focus) photos of them, but I think this video pushed me over the 50% mark (not by much). What I don't understand though... what happened to this group? Why hasn't their website been updated? (other than book promo tour dates). This book pushing deal adds back to my skepticism but I will be keeping an eye out for any new news regarding them. Thanks again for the post (and the explanation how you got here - I'm off to check out stumbleupon).

Q Master said...
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Q Master said...
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Q Master said...

Same here - did run over the Secret of Space: Nasa 's biggest secret (search youtube) that led me to Steven Greer MD's press conference.

Amazing no one says anything about this. What's happening with the national media. They prefer to show stuff that's making the rating and making us dumb instead showing of what really happens around the world!

Never ever before heard about the National Press Club conference that Mr. Greer initiated in 2001. It took me 8 years to find the news. I also thing that the 9/11 had an effect on the propagation of this conference. I can see how can people link events together and conspiracy theory.

Also search for STS-48, STS-75, STS-80!

Probably the truth in indeed out there!

A BBC research about civilizations in our galaxy

The disclosure project

More info about and related with Steven Greer MD

Anonymous said...

After seeing the video and several nights of follow up online and offline...I am very convinced.

All that's left, is getting the Government to officially acknowledge.

Religions is not the truth. Science and facts are the truth. The so called Bible is NOT the words of gods. It is just a book of stories where excerpts were borrowed from older and original stories from a more ancient civilization...The Sumerians.

I agree about the Government's conspiracy to suppress the Alien Technology in in Energy area. They are interested in keeping the Big Banks and the Oil business going to keep money flowing.

If the new energy type was brought out so suddenly, the fossil fuel business would be chaos. Especially for the Arabia, Russian and any companies in the Fossil Fuel industry. It would be the worse of recent Financial and Car Maker Bail-Out. Banks would be affected big time.

Imagine, Free Energy with the help with Alien Technology. No more heating and electricity bills. No more gas for your car. No more Batteries for the Car and electronic devices.

Obviously this will be a major impact in the economy...business...all about money.


Anonymous said...

Just finished the video, which I found on youtube two days ago. Very Very interesting, with all these people risking a lot to testify against their own institution.

But most interesting is that this event happened in 2001. What happened?? Its now 2009. I would sure like to know more.