Tuesday, December 05, 2006

James Kim

I wasn't sure if I was going to post this or not, but I think James needs as much help, prayers, and good thoughts as possible. I don't know James personally, but I feel like I know him because I've seen him on TV so many times. He was one of the TV personalities on TechTV. He was known for his advice on digital cameras and printers. I remember he would always use a "test photo" of his baby daughter being the proud father that he was. He has one of those personalities that you know he's a good guy. If you don't know yet, the Kim family took off for a thanksgiving vacation to visit with family in Oregon (from San Francisco). Well, I'm not sure on the details, but apparently they got lost and tried to take a "short cut" using roads that are less traveled and not maintained in the snow. Apparently their car got stuck. The family was just found yesterday! 9 DAYS! Unfortunately James must have gotten desparate around Day 5 and decided to leave his family in search of help. The news reports that I heard last night were encouraging because they were able to follow his footprints in the snow (Thank goodness it has not snowed again)! I was really hoping that when I checked this morning there would have been good news, but apparently he has not been found yet.
Please pray and send good vibes to James and his family to be found soon.
Read more on abc news here.

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Anonymous said...

thoughts, love, helping vibes are being sent his way.