Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Little Green Men

I meant to blog this earlier but tonight there was another good tie in...
My google news alert showed me this news article about a recent UFO sighting...
In a nutshell, a large fireball was seen above the town of Natrona County in Wyoming. The short of it is that no one knows what it was, nor where it landed/crashed. Ok... it was probably just a meteor, but as always, there is that little part of me that says "But... what if...". Well, tonight I found a link to this image from NASA. I had seen this a few days ago but in a smaller resolution. I know... it's probably just a bit of dirt, or a glitch in the camera, Or Maybe it's actually a water like substance. IF it is... there could be a probability that there may be bacteria, virus, one celled organisms etc... Life! There's that little part of me that says, what if there really is other life out there. What a mind blowing discovery that would be.
I'll copy and paste the text from the news here (in the off chance there is a cover up ;)

(totally unrelated: I just finished watching the episode of "The Unit" - what a powerful show that was!)
Mysterious object brightens night sky
Deputies with the Natrona County Sheriff's Department responded to numerous calls of a large fireball streaming through the night sky early Friday morning, but were unable to find any trace of the object.

According to the sheriff's office, several county residents in the Muddy Mountain and Bates Creek areas on Casper Mountain called to report a large, flaming object traveling eastward at a high rate of speed at approximately 6:50 a.m.

"It probably passed right over us on its way to somewhere else," Sgt. Mark Sellers said.

Sellers said a caller described it as an aircraft on fire, but the airport had no reports of aircraft in the area and no emergency beacons sounded. Others thought it was a meteorite or a UFO.
Sheriff's deputies searched the mountain but couldn't find any evidence of the object's impact.

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