Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nativity Character?

What a strange photo above huh? Did you actually look at it and see what is going on? Did your mind do a somersault as did mine trying to put together thoughts of a nativity scene with this character? If not look again ;) Turns out this is not some sick internet prank. The photographer who took this photo (who is an amazing photographer) put a link on his page that leads to this wikipedia article about Caganer. Not only did I not know about this "tradition" but I also never heard of Catalonia before (It's just below France and next to Spain). When you read the wikipedia article it is less shocking and kinda funny. I don't know if this practice would take off here in the States, but it sounds like something Trey Parker, or Matt Groening would do :)
The only "gross" thing about this post is that the orignal photographer used a word in his post that I never heard of before - Coprophilic . So I googled the definition... Eww. You don't want to know.

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