Saturday, December 02, 2006

UFO followup

Well, thanks to google news again, the ufo mystery I recently blogged about has been solved. A simple explanation that apparently fooled 100's-1000's of people. I'll give away the secret here but it's a good article over at "the Argus" (a local UK newspaper)... The answer... candle lit hot air balloons also called "Chinese Lanterns". Basically you take a small lightweight material (plastic bags work) and then putting a small candle or "tea light" below it to heat the air inside the bag.
So put your tinfoil hats away for another day ;)

Totally unrelated:
I just found a new show on TV (on the old G4 network that I hate because they destoyred "Tech TV")... It's called "Ninja Warrior" and it has a series of guys competing in an obstacle course (only the first stage). It's an amazing course and these guys are incredibly fit and agile. One of the guys who just won was 53 years old!

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