Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Times are a changin?

This is a sort of follow up post to my previous post about how things are changing in our Gov... With the recent removals (or voluntary resignations) of Rummy and Bolton, I'm hearing all sorts of good things about the new Secretary of Defense - Robert Gates. I just finished reading this article over on that has the title "Enter the Grown-Up". It talks of how Mr. Gates had answered his confirmation hearing questions rather pointedly - which is rare. Very encouraging. I did see a sort of critical article over on the Mother Jones website but I have not read it yet. I sort of don't want to know what bad things they have to say about Gates.
I also heard several radio interviews this morning about this new "Iraq Study Group Report" - (Study Group? You mean like a bunch of college kids sitting in their dorm eating pizza?). It sounds like it's going to be a good report because it will be critical, yet on the radio they made it clear that this group/report has not one ounce of authority. It's basically a list of suggestions.
I'm starting to get nervous... This Gates fellow is still supposed to be a Bush Admin, the Study Group was appointed by the Bush Admin... What's going on? Can we trust these people? Are they just frontmen? I hope not.

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