Sunday, November 12, 2006

Free Energy test

Thanks to google news updates, I just learned that an item I blogged about in the past has just entered its next phase. A company called Steorn has ended it's selection of scientists to study/prove/validate their claim to "Free energy". This company thinks it has stumbled upon the answer to generating energy that goes against physics! I am still remaining a bit skeptical, but something in my gut tells me this is for real. It may not solve the worlds energy problems, but it could very well be the first step! In a nutshell, it has something to do with magnets and electricity where this "machine" or engine, produced more energy, than what it takes to run.
The company announced this discovery, and understands it could change the world, and also that it's supposed to be "impossible". So they put out a challenge or rather an open invitation to scientists from around the world to come and study their discovery to either prove it as a hoax, or to prove it for real. I'm going to continue to monitor this company. This could be one of the greatest discoveries of our time! Here's a link to the latest press release. and here's a link to the Steorn website. (You gotta love the quote they have on their website: All great truths begin as blasphemies - George Bernard Shaw)

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