Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Saturday

Just a couple random thoughts I'm going to put out here...
I just came from seeing the movie "Fast Food Nation". I have to say I was a little disappointed. I had read the book some time back (actually I never finished it because it was too depressing). But this movie (by Richard Linklater who has done much better work), just seemed to lack heart and caring. The book has a lot of facts and figures, and I can see how that would not really make for a good movie. So they tried to put a story behind the facts, but it didn't work. The book pretty much cured me of my McDonalds addiction. I would go at least once a week. But after reading the book, I went cold turkey. I have since been a little more lax, and do occasionally have a cheeseburger, or stop at taco bell, but I'm much better now. I would say to skip this movie and go for the book instead.

Friday, I took off work to drive my sister down to Washington DC. It was an ever so short visit and it was good to see her again, but it went by very quickly. I had been warned about driving in DC. I had heard some real horror stories about the traffic and getting lost etc... Well, I didn't get lost once, probably because I was using a Magellan road computer. Those things really are amazing. I almost wish I would drive more just so I could have an excuse to buy one. Anyway, we drove down and it was surprisingly easy! No traffic at all. But... we tried to leave the city before "rush hour" We left about 3:30pm... well guess what, we hit rush hour. We drove for about 2 hours and had only gone about 20 miles! It was unbelievable, just break lights as far as you could see. I did well with it all because I was prepared for it. I knew we'd get home eventually. Sure enough it finally started to lighten up around 6:30 just outside of Baltimore. But one thing happened that I can barely believe. I was on a 4 lane highway in the second lane from the right. The road was splitting and I had to go right. This put me in the "fast lane". Well, we were still in the merging section when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that a bronco was right behind me. We were going about 60mph. There was another car next to me so I could not pull over. Next, this Bronco starts flashing his highbeams. Finally, I let off the gas to slow down to pull right and get out of this guys way. Well, the guy jerks the bronco to the right, and starts passing me. Sure enough, he gets just barely past me and then CUTS me off and literally missed hitting me by inches. (all while traveling at about 60mph). I laid on the horn but of course it didn't do anything, the guy just sped away. What would posses someone to risk their life and endanger other's lives just so they can get to where they are going faster. I WISH I had gotten his license plate number because I would have called the police and made a report. I tried to speed up a little to see if I could see his plate but he was going way too fast. So, wherever he is right now, I hope the Karma train comes barreling down in your rear view mirror someday and teaches you to not speed, not tailgate, and not to cut people off.

Well, I can't wait to have a nice restful Sunday tomorrow. Maybe I'll go out and do some grocery shopping to get ready for Thanksgiving. I got some of the stuff I need today (A nice big turkey breast - though I think I paid WAY too much for it at Wegmans, I got a handful of potatoes, and I have a box stuffing from before. So all I really need is some corn, and maybe some cranberry sauce, and I'll have my nice dinner. MAYBE I'll splurge and get some pumpkin pie, but I'm trying to watch what I eat. I did cave in today and bought some cookies. Ugh. But, I also bought some more green squash so I'll rationalize the cookies with eating a healthy dinner at least one night of the week. I'm trying now to eat more green things.
Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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