Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Money is no good here...

I've been wanting to post this topic for a while now...
I've noticed two commercials on TV that seem to send the same message... Your cash is no good. Big surprise that these commercials are coming from credit card companies. The first one, shows an aerial view of a store where people are flowing around merchandise, past the cash register, and out the door like a well oiled machine. Then this "jerk" gums up and stops the whole flow and appears to annoy the customers behind him all because he is trying to pay for his item with cash! The Nerve! He then sulks out of the store looking ashamed. I could not believe this commercial. It's not like the credit card company is trying to promote their bank, their ease of use, but is rather taunting its customers to shame them into using their card. Poor taste in my opinion, yet genius on their end because I doubt many people will pick up on this. (eww, I just had a gnat fly under my keys on my computer).
The other commercial is similar, but a little easier to stomach... They show a guy at a home depot like store checking out a bunch of products. (Self checkout too). The machine is saying that he's earning "points" with each swipe, and eventually awards him a digital camera after about 3 swipes. The guy next to him represents us poor saps who do not have this particular "awards program". Again, Genius on the part of the credit card company to get us to stop thinking of using our credit card to represent CASH flowing out of our bank account, but rather POINTS that we can redeem just like cash!
I am SO glad that I have eliminated my debt from various credit card companies and am out from under their thumb. I encourage YOU to do the same. It was hard work, and took a lot fo determination, but it can be done (I think it took me about 3 years!) and once free I vowed to never fall into that trap again.
Since I'm on the subject of commercials here, this one need mentioning...
Etrade - and online investment company that lets you trade and buy stocks, is running a commercial now that shows of all things... little computer animated mice that look like sperm! Eww! What were they thinking on this one!?

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