Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy T day

Happy Thanksgiving!
moving on... :)

Can you believe this? I've heard the rumblings a few days ago but it seems to be true. Peter Jackson, who is the man behind the best fantasy film(s) ever made (The Lord of the Rings), has walked away from the new project of doing the Hobbit! Turns out there is a legal battle over a DVD royalty dispute. New Line is not budging and wanted Jackson to take charge of The Hobbit, while at the same time sueing him. Really, does that make any sense? So Jackson has walked away until the lawsuit is settled. So what does New Line do? They say we're going to make it anyway... without Jackson, without WETA (The special effects company), without New Zealand, and probably without the original cast. There are now petition sites popping up (I'm not a fan of petition websites), fans are talking of boycotting all new line cinema productions, etc... Bottomline... money. New Line is going to throw away the Talent and the man who made them a part of cinema history all in the hopes of getting more money.
Read the full story over on the BBC website here.

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