Friday, November 24, 2006

T day part 2

Well, I had a good turkey day yesterday. Relaxing. I watched two dvds, both were good...
The new Lewis Black comedy called "Red, White and Screwed"... It was not as good as some of his other comedy shows but there were parts that I had to laugh out loud at. Any movie/dvd that can accomplish this feat is worth it in my book. The part about the trained bear = the president was very funny. (Warning: The language was over the top, mainly because Lewis was denied to perform in a certain venue because of his use of the f-word. Well, just tell a comedian he can't say something and guess what happens ;) (At the end of his diatribe, he actually presented a fairly good reason for using foul language.)

Then I popped in another of my netflix dvd's... it was called "Unconstitutional". A very good documentary about how we are losing our rights under this administration. Namely the "Un-Patriot act". There were some eye-opening (and scary) things presented in this movie. One of which, was how the authorities (I don't like using the 3 letter names of these governmental groups because I know it will trigger "Carnivore"), anyway, the authorities can now go into any public library and demand to see their records to see who is reading and checking out certain books as part of a dragnet type profile. It made me wonder... I've been using Netflix to rent several of these documentaries and I suspect I could end up on some list just because of the movies I like to watch. Oh well. You should rent it if you can. (They also had a preview that it seems they have other similar movies, I'll see if I can rent those as well on netflix.)

Oh... and my Turkey stir-fry experiment turned out well. Not great, because I think I may have over cooked the turkey. Some of the pieces were pretty dry (which baffels me because I thought that was not going to happen when I stir-fried. I even had a lot of liquid in the wok because I added some green squash towards the end of the cooking.) But nothing a little gravy couldn't solve. I then used all the bones and scraps that I had cleaned to boil in a big pot with the hope of making some Turkey Noodle Soup one of these days. So now I have a nice big container of good Turkey stock. The only other item that tasted a little "weird' was my mashed potatoes... I wanted to make a run to the supermarket on Wed night, but it was cold, raining, windy and miserable out. I was going to get a container of sour cream to make my mashed taters, but had to resort to plan B... I used a splash of soy milk. It was certainly edible, but every now and then I would get a hint of the "sweetener" they use in the soy milk. Overall I think I had a fairly healthy meal. (except for maybe the jar of store bought gravy).
Well, I think I'll wait until later in the afternoon here before venturing out to the grocery store, to get some supplies to make a pumpkin pie. If the parking lot outside of my apartment complex is any sign, it's empty, which means everyone is probably out at the stores looking for black friday deals. The amount of sales and advertising on TV last night was sickening. We are SO manipulated to cattle like consumers. I fight it as best I can.

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