Monday, November 06, 2006

Hacking Democracy

Well, the day before the big vote, I see that the HBO documentary has made it online. It's called "Hacking democracy" and is in parts on youtube. It is also here in it's entirety on the website called Throw away your TV. I don't know if these video clips are legal in that they may be breaking copyright law... I HOPE that these were actually released by HBO because this information should have been made public to every citizen, not just those who subscribe to HBO. I just watched it and can not believe what I saw. How did this happen. How is it happening still? What surprises are in store for us tomorrow? Why are election officials protecting these companies and not the citizens? The only conclusion I can come to is money. Somebody, somewhere is getting paid a large amount of money. I've only recently signed up to become a registered voter. Part of the reason I never voted before was because I didn't believe in the system. This confirms it. I will still vote tomorrow, in the hopes that not all of the machines are compromised. But if I hear of wrong doings again tomorrow I may just resign from the whole process yet again.
Here is the link to HBO's website.

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