Friday, November 10, 2006


Hello readers! Sorry I've not posted in the past few days. Been kinda busy. anyway...
I went to my watercolor class last night and we tackled (well, I did and a few others in the class) one of the hardest subjects to paint (imho).... Fabric or Drapery. Our teacher thumbtacked a piece of cloth to the wall and all we had to do was paint it. Sounds easy right? If it does, then you haven't painted before :) But, I think my attempt turned out pretty good. As usual though, I painted it in a rather light shade, so myself and my teacher wants me to push my darks even more next time. I agree. I think it's a confidence thing, and I was thinking today... it might be a "frugal" thing too... I don't want to waste a bunch of paint, so I use it sparingly. I've got to move past this... a tube of paint is about $2-$4 so I should use as much of it as I want. If I can get around to it, I'll scan my fabric and post here for all the world to laugh at.
After class, it was around 9:30pm and I was hungry as usual. (I never have time to eat before class). So I decided to stop at a local diner. It was mostly empty except for a few "regulars". This one table had 3 elderly guys (maybe in their late 50's? or early 60's). Two of them were "loud talkers" so it wasn't like I was eavesdropping. But it was rather entertaining. At first the one guy (skinny, an old gnarled tattoo on his forearm, slacks with no belt, with the fabric bending away from his waist) was ranting about his recent test at the Division of Motor Vehicles for his Commercial Drivers License (CDL). He was complaining about the test questions, (How many pounds of small arms amunition can you carry on a bus? 5lbs, 50lbs, 500lbs... *answer below). Then he went off on a tear about how he used to drive a dumptruck back in the 70's and never needed a license. The other two older gents wholeheartedly agreed. Then... politics. They were NOT glad that the Democrats just won the House and the Senate! The one guy started talking about CA...
"Nancy Pilosi!?"
I can't believe it!
This country is really going down hill!
Can you believe she's third in line now to become President!?
I know!
She's from California... Ever been?
I have!
They're all a bunch of Democrats... They should just walk out into the ocean and drown themselves!
I ALMOST spoke up and was going to confront them, but then when he said that last statement I realized it would have been a lost cause. You can't argue, or debate a person who has such an extreme point of view to wish a large group of people would just kill themselves. It was both funny, entertaining, and sad all at the same time.
All I know is that I am SO GLAD that people with this sort of mentality are not running our country anymore. (ie: their elected representatives).
I am also leary that I keep hearing the new democratic leaders spouting off a lot of "holier than thou" attitudes, about not being corrupt, etc... If you've ever watch the TV show "Survivor" It's always these people that make proclamations like this who are the first to "sin".
I question myself now, if I'll go back to the diner next week and maybe catch them again at another interesting conversation. They were regulars because they new the waitress by name (who was cute, and another reason for me to go back next week ;)
Well, that's enough for now. I guess the length of this post made up for past couple days of crickets.
TGIF!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!
PS> The answer... 500lbs! of small arms ammunition can be carried on a bus (according to the old guy).

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