Thursday, March 06, 2008

Barack "uh" Obama

So don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Barack. I'm rooting for him bigtime! But I just have to comment on this... When I was a kid, I got in the habit of saying "ya know" after almost every sentence. At some point I must have driven my parent's crazy with that cause they forced me to break the habit. (well, forced in the sense of pointing it out to me every time I said). Now... every time I hear someone else who has these sort of speech hiccups, I can't help but notice. It seems a lot of teens now-a-days say "Like" a lot. For some reason I've noticed the rapper culture (I'm generalizing I know) has a love affair with "know what I mean" to the point where sometimes it's comical how often they say it.
I also am aware that a lot times these speech hiccups are due to a nervousness too.
I just now, heard a small sound clip with Barack, and he's fallen into that same category that I did. His crutch is "uh" - This really surprises me on one level, because here is a guy who is about to (hopefully) win the top most public speaking job in the country! and yet he's got this stutter (I wish I knew what to call it, it's not really a stutter, but it sort of is). I've noticed that during his speeches he doesn't use it as much. When he gets on a roll he's like a preacher, who can use the sing-song cadence of words to lure people into a rhythm. But when he's caught in an interview or debate where he must think on his feet quickly, he uses the "uh" a lot.
I'm not surprised he does for another reason... A LOT of Politicians do this. Hilary, Bush, Condi Rice, etc... They are the top three that pop to mind.
I've also noticed a trend in the pundits (and some politicians) who do this too, but on a different level... they instead start (almost) every sentence with words like "Look... The truth is... The reality is..." etc.
I've often wanted to take a video of one of these famous public speakers, and then edit out all the real words, and just leave a video of uh's and ah's to see how many seconds or minutes of their speech is them "singing" :)
know what I mean?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the art of public speaking has been removed from education. If you'll notice, even "big time" news casters and talk show celebs drop their g's and have very poor enunciation. I doubt most middle school and high school students today even KNOW the meaning of "enunciate."