Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bil and Ted's excellent mind adventure

This is just awesome.
I've been a big fan of the TED talks. I think it's fantastic that the people behind the TED talks post many (all?) of their talks online so that the average Joe like myself can views these inspirational talks. The only downside... I will probably never get to go to a TED conference. First of all, it is targeted towards the elite... a ticket generally costs $6000 just to get in the door (I think it's invite only too). Not to mention, hotel costs, airfare, food, etc... I just could never afford something like that. Well, apparently others have felt the same as myself and decided to do something about it. Thus the BIL talks came along. In a nutshell, it's a much smaller version of the TED talks, with not so many of the big name draws (though it was estimated that 10% of the TED people migrated over to the BIL event!). I still can't afford to go to the BIL talks, but I'm excited to see a grassroots movement spring up around this. It ties in too with the new book I just bought (at my Sister's recommendation - thanks sis) called Salon's: The Joy of Conversation. I look forward to learning more about this. Who knows... maybe I'll attend the East Coast version of the BIL talks should it ever arise.
You can read more here:
Official TED talk website.
Official BIL talk website.
Cool article on Wired.com about them both.

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