Monday, March 24, 2008

Old time movie

Just finished watching an old time movie. Yep, black and white. Sometimes these movies are great! Not so much speaking in terms of a good movie, but I like them because it offers a glimpse back in time to see how things were. This movie won the Oscar for Vest Picture in 1938. Yep - 1938! It was called "You can't take it with you" (imdb) staring James Stewart. Overall I enjoyed the film. What always amazes me in these old time movies are the credits... you watch a movie today, and after the film, you can sit through a good 5 minutes of hundreds or sometimes thousands of names scrolling along the screen. With these older movies the cast and credits are around 50 people! Amazing.
You also get a glimpse into the social settings too... for example there were two black servants in the household, they had a few lines each, but they were in the movie a lot, so they were important to setting the scene. But I noticed that only one person said "thank you" to the one man, for bringing him a chair. In the rest of the movie all of the white people pretty much ignored them. It wasn't malicious, it was just like "you're not supposed to talk to the servants" type thing.
There were class issues too in the movie - that was one of the main plots... the son of a rich banker, trying to marry the stenographer of a lower income family.
If you get the chance and want to see what the world (well, through the eyes of Hollywood anyway) was like in the late 1930's I'd say rent it.
Now, I'm going to have the song "polly-wolly-doodle" stuck in my head all night :)

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