Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hookers, Hookers, Hookers,

I'm sorry, but I'm SO TIRED of hearing about Spitzer and his Hooker fiasco. It's on every news station, every radio show I listen too, and has been repeated ad infinitum on NPR today. Can we move on here?
Then today, while checkin reddit for "news" that I usually find important, I see the headline that "Only 28% of Americans are aware that nearly 4,000 us personnel have died in Iraq in the past 5 years." The news is over here on the Washington Post. I guess there is one media outlet then who is reporting this, but it's frustrating to me to learn this.
I was one of those 28%! I did not know how many casualties there have been. I detect a a little spin though to the article, but saying "US Personnel"... I have a feeling that doesn't mean just "soldiers" but probably support staff, or rather some of these outsourced companies that are over there (like blackwater).

The main-stream media really has problems.

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