Tuesday, March 25, 2008

windows vs mac

This really goes without saying, but... I love my MAC computers. I tried tonight to help a friend get connected on his new verizon DSL network. He's spent about a week now trying to get connected and has met brick wall after brick wall. We did make a little progress tonight, in that by hooking up my mac, we were able to verify that his Verizon DSL is working, and that sadly, it is his computer that is not. He's so frustrated, and doesn't know where to turn next... the tech support from India has not been able to help him, and Verizon is blaming it on his computer (which is a dell) - rightfully so. I suggested maybe calling "geeksquad" but they would charge about $150!! Neither of us know of any good local tech support places either. I feel bad, because I've been away from the windows world for too long now to be of any help.
My advice... buy a mac.

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