Friday, March 21, 2008

Google Reader

I've been meaning to post this for some time now, but keep forgetting... I'll keep this short.
Do you read a lot of blogs? I do. I have quite a few that don't get updated frequently too, and also some that have many updates per day. It's sometimes frustrating to click on a blogs website day after day only to be greeted by the same exact post you've read several times before.
So along came something called RSS. I won't go into a big long explanation about RSS other than to say it's like an automatic updater for websites. There are many RSS readers, and even programs that collect and organize all the RSS "feeds". I used to use an external program, then I got used to useing the built in reader in Mac's Safari Browser. Then I switched to Firefox and used its built in RSS reader. Then I heard a lot about "Bloglines" and used that for some time. Now, I've landed on a new one and so far have been liking it.
It's by Google. I know, YET another service that google provides for free... someday they will take over the world, and I'll be really mad at myself for trusting google with so many of my online experiences. But, for now, I still like google very much, and think they provide a great service. (Not to mention the conspiracy minded nervousness that google has probably built an incredible profile of me and could probably tell me what I'm likely to have for dinner tomorrow night!). But that aside...
Check out the google reader program for all your blog readings - you might like it too.
I can't link to it really, cause you have to have a google user id, but this link should get you to where you need to start...

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