Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colbert Nation!

Wow, I'm surprised and delighted that I'm gonna be on TV! Well, maybe not, but I'll be right near a guy who will be on TV... I was watching Stephen Colbert last night, when he did a sketch about how Pennsylvania is hot in the primaries now. And that One lucky person in the studio would be going to Philadelphia PA to cover the primary... He told the audience that the lucky person had a "golden ticket" taped under their seat. After a bit of searching, Stephen found the lucky golden ticket - yep, you guessed it - under HIS seat :)
He announced last night that HE is going to be taping his show for 4 days in Philadelphia in April, and that if you wanted tickets you could go to Colbertnation.com. I got up, fired up the computer and proceeded to register. Sure enough... I got an email confirmation that I got a ticket! There's still a slight chance I won't get in, because the fine print says they "overbook" the show in case people don't show up, so they are guaranteed to have a full audience. But if I get to the studio in time, I should have no problems getting in.
I'm not really star-struck, but I am surprisingly excited to see the show live like that. AND it hit me too... I might get to see a really cool guest appearance too.
So, I'm actually looking forward to Tax day now, as that day I'll be in the audience!
Tune in and if you see a bearded long haired hippy freak in the audience, that's me!


JWD said...


valejandras said...

that is too cool!! if it's on a weekday it may be difficult to do this, but... my suggestion to you is to arrive as early as humanly possible. we got tix to see a particularly famous person here in austin for free... and people were waiting outside the "studio" from the night before... they camped out!

needless to say we didn't get in, b/c we figured a couple of hours before would be ample time... guess not.

good luck, cyen... let us know how it goes!!

cyen said...

wahoooo is right! :)

Thanks for the tip V,
Now I'm nervous though... I was planning on taking a half day of work, but now I'm not so sure. I didn't even realize when I signed up initially that the taping was during the day - didn't plan on missing a day of work. Doh.
I don't think I'll be camping out though - I like Stephen but not that much! :)