Sunday, March 23, 2008

Change Congress - beta launch

It's late here. I've had a long day, and my brain is a bit fried tonight (from using it). But I got an email tonight from Lawrence Lessig about his "Change Congress" movement. I signed up for notifications because I'm a fan of Lessig's and I'm curious to see where/how he will develope this idea on changing Congress. I will admit... this video is a bit long winded. I also think it has some spin attached to it (left leaning). BUT, I would like YOU to spend (I forgot to time it) but lets just say it's an hour long, to watch this video. I think it's important. If you need to watch it in increments to get through it, by all means do so. Pause it, go make a cup of tea, then come back :)
I am interested and hopeful with this movement. It still has a sound of "pie in the sky" to me, but I HOPE this movement will start to gain word-of-mouth, and maybe, just maybe, the world/America will take a step in the right direction to becoming a better place.

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