Sunday, March 05, 2006

16 Blocks

Well, I've been watching the Oscars, but I'm starting to loose interest. Jon Stewart's monologue was ok, but I think the crowd was not helping much. I assume all the media groups who don't like Stewart will rake him over this tomorrow. I'm also glad Clooney won at least one (so far). I try to go to the movies about once a week, yet I think I counted them up that I only saw 12 of the nominations. I hope to add some of these nominations to my netflix queue.
Anyway, since the Oscar's are starting to loose me I thought I'd blog a post real quick about a really good movie I saw last night... 16 Blocks. It was not what I expected (another Bruce Willis action flick), I was very pleased to see that it was more than just another action movie. Yes, folks, there was acting in it! Kudos to Willis and to Mos Def, and David Morse - these guys did a great job. Mostly Mos Def for his character. It's still an action movie, but it stands above the rest. I left the theatre with a grin, and had to say how great it was to actually see a 'good' movie. Go see it.
Link to the trailer.
Link to the official site.
Link to the IMDB page.

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