Thursday, March 02, 2006

Is Security real?

This news item crossed my browser today, and I thought it timely on the same day that the Patriot Act has just been passed (renewed) in the Senate.

Pay too much on your credit card and you could raise a red flag... Unbelievable story.

On another note, I was thinking the other day, 'how do these things get passed?' - and something as simple as "what's in a name" struck me... Who is in charge of naming these things in the current administration? Is there an advertising or marketing agency that is an official Government agency? Titles like "The War in Terror" - how could one possibly be against "the war on terror"? If you are, that must mean you are for Terror? Or the "Patriot Act" - If you are against this act, you must be unpatriotic? I wonder who is in charge, or behind these names.

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By the way... I normally would not post such things, for fear of drawing attention to myself with "the man"... But I'm tired of sitting by and watching these things happen. I need to start speaking up.

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