Thursday, March 02, 2006


In the past, I have posted several items on my blog that I have found on one of my favorite websites I also have a link on my sidebar leading to their website. Over the past couple of days they have been posting about users emailing them from other countries to tell them that their government is blocking their website from coming up. (I find it incredible that a government can or would do this). Upon their investigating into why their site is being blocked, they found that some censor software has added their website to it's list of "blocked" websites with the reason that it posts about sexually explicit topics. BoingBoing later goes on to "complain" about being lumpped in with a bunch of porn websites. Upon reading this, I was surprised a bit at their complaint. Okay, Yes, they do not have porn on their site - techincally speaking. But I've seen some pretty crude items mentioned on their website. They used to have links to a softcore porn website. Some of the topics they talk about are fairly explicit too. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you don't want to be lumpped in with other explicit websites, you should refrain from reporting on them, sponsoring them, or in general talking about them.
Since they have tried to be removed from the censorware's list, with no success, they are now posting ways to circumvent the software. Gee... here's an idea... don't post items containing explicit material.
I would be very annoyed if someone censored me or the websites I choose to visit, but that being said, I also know people depend on software like this to filter out all the muck on the internet. As much as I enjoy reading the various posts on boingboing, I am ashamed at times at some of their posts. Oh well, I just felt the need to vent about this.
BoingBoing... clean up your act, or don't complain about being censored.

(hmm, I wonder now if my blog will be censored based on some of the keywords I've used, or because of my links to boingboing). Oh well.

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