Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Something smells fishy...


Voter Group Sues To Block Diebold's Latest Miraculous Recovery
from the voting-is-too-important dept
After first refusing to certify Diebold voting machines, California's Secretary of State later re-certified the machines, quietly releasing that info late on a Friday afternoon last month, and going against his own "strict rules" he put in place for Diebold machines to be re-certified. Given how many "second chances" the company has received -- with serious security issues surfacing each time and with the company focusing more on going after critics rather than improving the security and accountability of their machines -- it's amazing that they keep getting approved. However, a voters group is now suing in California to overturn the "certification" and stop Diebold machines from getting used until they're actually secure.


On a related note, a few weeks ago, I stopped in at the local convenience store and went to take some money out of their ATM machine, and saw that it was a Diebold ATM. I reluctantly withdrew my money, but in the future I will not. I don't trust them - here's why...

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