Sunday, March 12, 2006

Books and a link

Books and a link, sounds like a good name for a coffeeshop :)
I'm very close now to finishing the Harry Potter book. I had gotten away from it in that I have recently bought several new books and of course started each one. But i soon became distracted among the many that I had to get back to my Harry Potter book and actually finish it. I've got about 100 pages left and HOPE to finish it up tonight. Then the hard part... which book to read next!
I did a small amount of internet surfing today and found this interesting link, which led me to look at the website in general and it looks interesting. I have not read it all through, but I think it's cool that someone would post their "life lessons" with the intent to help others.
"Five excellent mind habits to develop - Paul's Tips"
and his website.
Well, I need a break from reading and am going to watch a political DVD. So I might be fired up in my next blog post.


JWD said...

Oooh, I have a book to recommend to you! I just read The Traveler and thought of you the whole time. I think you would LOVE it. Link here

cyen said...

Thanks jwd - you were right... I did enjoy this, I had heard about it, and had it on my wish list waiting for it to be published. Overall I liked it and it moved along at a good pace, but my biggest complaint was the ending...
SPoiler alert... stop reading this if you plan on reading the book...
I felt the whole traveler concept was left hanging in that it served no purpose. They built it up in the book, and everyone wanted to get these guys, but from what I got out of it, it was a psychedelic dream world, and nothing ever came from it. I am guessing there will be a book 2 soon?
If you think of any more though, I'm all ears. :)

JWD said...

Yeah, it's the first book of a trilogy. So I figure he had to leave us hanging. I loved how the author bio simply says he "lives off the grid."