Friday, March 31, 2006

5 things...

Ok, I'll add a few more as I sit here and think of them...
Following up on a post on my sister's blog (which she picked up from RevGal's blog)...

Name five things you used to hear your mother or father (or even a grandparent) say, especially things you might be surprised to hear coming out of your own mouth.

1) First one that popped into my head... "(insert name), Go to your Room!"
2) One that cracks my buddy up all the time, that my dad would say to me (often), "Quit playing pinchy grab-ass" (usually in reference to me just goofing off (and usually in school)).
3) Upon arriving home Mom used to say "home again, home again, jiggity - jig" - to this day I still don't know what that means!?
4) The dreaded... "Wait til your father get's home" - that was always a bad one.
5) And one I used to hear several times a day, usually yelled from the kitchen during a commercial on TV, "... STOP picking on your sister!" - Sorry sis... I never did listen to that one.

- but really... I wasn't that bad of a kid was I? :)
- Plus... My sister already picked the good ones! ;)


JWD said...

These are excellent, dear Brother! :) Dad used to say that to you? Pinchy grab ass???? Boy, there was a double standard in our house. I never heard that one. :D

You weren't such a bad kid? I don't think I ever even SAW a TV commercial until you went away to college. :)

Anonymous said...

Hold it right there! I have a great memory and I don't remember half of these! I always prided myself in NOT using the wait til your father gets home line; and I really don't remember sending you to your room all that much. The Pinchy-g-a I don't remember at all, unless Dad didn't say it when I was within ear-shot--I'll definitely give you the commercial-one-to stop picking on your sister :-) and, well, er, uh, maybe my memory is not as great as I thought, cause I don't remember your 5th one...but no fair...I stopped in between to get the cat off the top of the refrigerator and make a cup of coffee. One thing tho: you were/are DEFINITELY not a bad kid!!! Neither you nor your sister! To this day I couldn't be more proud.