Friday, March 31, 2006

clafoutis and the IRS

First off a small post about clafoutis... I had never heard of this word before, and I had to ask the woman behind the counter how to pronounce it (not sure I heard her right either). I stopped at Wegman's supermarket last Saturday to get some dinner - I may have posted before about how Wegman's opened this new supermarket in our area. I wanted to check out two things while I was there, the prepared food section where you buy your meal there, and you can either eat it there (on a second floor separate area), or you can bring it home with you. They had quite a big selection, but I decided to go with a hoagie. I got a Danny Special (Genoa Salami, Capicola and spicy ham with provolone, black olives, sweet peppers, and vinegar on wheat bread - hungry now?) It was a great hoagie (huge too, I got a 14" large and could only eat half of it). The sweet peppers were a bit mild though, but other than that it was great! Then I thought while I was there I would pick up my lunchmeat for the week so I went to the deli section. On my way to the deli section I passed the specialty bakery, and they had these incredible desserts. They were small works of art (and a bit expensive too). I passed them buy. After getting my lunchmeat, I had to pass by the bakery once again... This time I caved in. I had to try one... So I got a Strawberry and Rhubarb Clafoutis. It was like a small 2.5" pie with a sort of creamy custard like filling (almost like cheesecake). With Rhubarb mixed in, with a cut strawberry on top. It was really good and at $4.50 it was worth it. I'll have to go around the bakery next time. :)
For a "dictionary" definition and pronunciation check here on (though it doesn't do it justice).

I've decided to post about my IRS troubles as well. I went online today to see if I could find information that might be helpful. It wasn't very good news. Most of what I found dealt with all the horror stories about IRS abuses, and some of the horrible things that people had to go through, not to mention some scary statistics on how often the IRS makes mistakes. I don't have much to report at this time, but I will post what I go through in the hopes that it may help someone else who is thrust into my predicament. At this stage I have confirmed that it was not a clerical error on the end of my employer, so It's one of two things now... Either my accountant made a mistake (I seriously doubt it) or the IRS did. Since the number the IRS supplied me does not match with any of the paperwork my employer and I have, it troubles me where they got this number. This is going to be the root of the problem I suspect. In reading through some of the web articles the "burden of proof" falls on ME to prove my innocence. It's such a glaring mistake that I HOPE I will be able to do this easily and quickly, but I am also preparing myself for this to carry on for the long term. From what I read these things are not solved easily. Ugh.
Just to recap... I got a letter the other day from the IRS claiming that I owed them an ungodly amount of money in the next 30 days. It appears as though they are claiming that I made DOUBLE my reported income for the year of 2004. My next step is to meet with my accountant this Monday, and hopefully will have more answers then.

One more thing... I think I'm going to go to a local photography meeting this coming Wednesday night. I enjoy taking (and looking at) photographs with my digital camera, and have been enjoying my watercolor classes so much that I'm going to try to expland this art thing to include photography. They have a monthly assignment to shoot a photo on the subject they give... this month it was "holes"... So I have been thinking about this and today took two photos that I like (not sure which one I'll pick though - leave a comment it you have a favorite).
See if you can guess what they are... It's a bit abstract...

and this one...

And the answer is...
My plastic colander from my kitchen. The second one is looking up at my kitchen flourescent light through the colander.


JWD said...

Oh wow! What cool photos! My guess was the plastic covering on a fan. I like the second one best, with the light shining through it.

What an intriguing assignment. I may have to try it out, too. I love the idea of looking for holes. One of those assignments that makes me aware of all I DON'T see.

cyen said...

Yes, please do participate! Clever pun by the way... "looking for holes... aware of all I dont see" as a hole is really something you don't see. :)
wait, what?

I encourage other's to participate too, if you do leave a comment with a link.

Lady Arden said...

I like the second one best too, the first one looks like a laundry basket close-up but the second one looks more mysterious. Fun project!

cyen said...

Thanks Lady Arden,
It seems like #2 is winning out. You're the second person who said the first one looked like a laundry basket :)

Anonymous said...

I would have to third the vote for #2. Much more interesting. Oh, and Congrats on taking third place at the meetup on Wednesday. I really don't think it was the new guy nod-it is a great shot. Keep shooting!