Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I'm a little pre-occupied these days... I came home the other night to a big bulky letter from the IRS... (dun-du-duunnn). Yep... I'm in trouble (sort of)... they claim I made DOUBLE my reported income for 2004, and that I owe over $20,000 dollars within 26 days! Yes, folks, thats twenty thousand plus! It's such an obvious mistake, that it troubles me that it could have even been made. Now I have to figure out how to prove that I didn't make all that money. (Isn't that like proving a negative?) My accountant assured me this would be a no-brainer, but I'm still worried that this will drag on. Ugh... fingers crossed on this one.

I was sitting at home last night wondering what I was going to watch on TV, and stumbled upon something that I blogged about a few days ago... the robot Darpa challenge! It was pretty cool, and I'm glad I did get to see it! After that show was another show on robots with Alan Alda, and that one was interesting, but I lost interest after a little while.

It's "hump day"!

oh, ps... I'm really enjoying the new book I started to read... Blue highways. It's a bit of a struggle to read in that it doesn't flow smoothly like a story, in that it's a bunch of short stories about this guy's road trip across the country using only the back roads (the old maps had secondary roads printed in blue ink, thus the title). The guy has a real knack for painting a picture with words, and every now and then he strings a sentence together that makes you just smile. I'm 'dog-earing' these pages, so maybe when I'm done I'll post a few of these gems.

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