Sunday, March 18, 2007

300 the movie

Mini movie review...
I just saw the movie 300 last night. Overall, I was entertained. But as a movie it had it's short comings. As always though, I will cut any movie a break when it's based upon a comic book. I keep hearing critics talk about the historical accuracy... it's a comic book! The other thing I keep hearing is the violence... yes, it is VIOLENT! Anytime you do a movie about 300 warriors vs 1 million warriors it's gonna get ugly. ( I heard one of my friends took his 11 year old son to see this... um, I'd call that a lapse of judgment. This is not for kids!) There were sex scenes, beheadings, and untold countless death by impalement. BUT putting all that aside, I liked the movie as an art form, the effects were amazing considering most of it was shot on green screen. I saw something the other day that said the movie was shot in 60 days, and then over a year to add all the effects. It was like seeing the pages of a comic book come to life. This movie is not for everyone, but if you know who Frank Miller is, then I'd say it's a must see.
I had to joke afterwards... apparently all the men in Sparta shout and are angry all the time, because that's what most of the dialog was, it got a little comical for me.

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my sister saw it the day it came out... she's been bugging me to go see it. this helps to know what to expect.

hey- have a great week!