Thursday, March 08, 2007

TED Talks

So I've had this blog going for over a year now and I'm just now realizing a problem with running a blog for so long... I can't remember what I've posted about already. Sometimes I think "I should post about this topic" only to put it on the back burner for later. But now I realize it's more and more difficult to remember what "story" I may have posted about. Well, I suppose I could do a search on my own blog, but instead, I think I'm going to roll with it. If I can't remember, then that must mean I feel the need to say it twice. So if you've heard me repeat myself, feel free to surf on, otherwise sit still and listen :)
I have found a real gem of a website on the internet. Every now an then while going to the movies you find that one movie that really speaks to you. It's usually a small independent film, that would easily get lost in the big Hollywood blockbusters, and probably only last at the local "artsy" theater for about 2 weeks, but you happened to be the lucky one to see it. And you feel special because you know that the average joe schmoe will not see it. Even if you go around and tell everybody how great the movie is, chances are they won't listen to you. They won't remember the name of the movie next time they are in the local video store. They'll be sidetracked by some other movie they've heard of. So it seems like you stumbled upon a real gem in the art world. I feel like this website is the same thing on the internet.
I found this website by going to which in itself is a fantastic website (I still wish they had forums, but no one responded to my email about this). I have to admit, I've not gotten past chapter two on the book with the same title. But I haven't forgotten the book. I will someday return to it. Anyway, while on the site, I saw a big banner ad that said: Our sponsor: Worldchanging presented in association with TED (in BIG red letters). Well, I can't resist the pull of red letters... A simple enough url to remember... I know I still have a lot more to explore on this website, but one of the things I stumbled upon is this podcast/video/audio page. It is some of their presentations posted so that little ol' me can hear what these "big wigs" get the privilege of hearing. Before I finish, I should mention what TED stands for: Technology Entertainment Design - cool huh? So in this list of presentations are some really good... I'm not even sure what to call them. Life lessons? Motivational speakers? Edutainment? Whatever... you should go check them out. Don't listen to them all, just scroll down the list and find one that appeals to you. I just watched this one with Anna Deveare-Smith... She was incredible to watch.
Thank you TED for sharing these words of wisdom with this joe schmoe.

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