Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Faux News

It's been a while since I've posted a faux news rant so here's one for today. I've actually stopped watching faux for about a week now. About a week ago, (I can't recall if I mentioned this on my blog, I think I did) wait, let me back up... I've been in an email debate with a friend of mine about Global Warming. He would probably fall in the conservative republican category and he is a big fan of the Glenn Beck Show (both on TV, radio, and he pays to subscribe to his website). Our emails about GW (global warming) have been going back and forth, but I noticed a trend... I would send him a quote or factoid about GW and I'd provide the link for the source where I got the info. He would send me quotes from either Glenn Beck himself, or to articles written by people who have been discredited online. Finally, he sent me a link about how PETA is quoting a recent UN paper that says that the livestock industry, contributes more to GW than all of transportation, so they were saying that Al Gore should become a vegetarian if he really cares about the planet. This was the straw that broke my back. Somehow, I wasn't arguing the "facts" about GW, but I was trying to defend the ex-vice president in that he likes to eat a hamburger. I also became frustrated because I realized no mater what link I sent, or quote, I would never prove my point. So I gave up. This all happened when I was feeling stressed about other things and so I gave up watching Glenn Beck on TV to eliminate stress. I also eliminated Faux news too for the same reason. I think there is a marked change in faux news' programing where they are not trying to hide their bias anymore. And fyi, my stress levels dropped.
SO... all of that huge back story to point you to this link about Bill O'reilly. Apparently B.O.R. lost it while interviewing Salt Lake City's Mayor Rocky Anderson. From what I read on this blog post it sounds like Mr. Anderson handled himself well in the BOR crossfire.
I really think something legally has to be done about faux news. They need to put some sort of a disclaimer on their "news" to say "for entertainment purposes only".

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