Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Book Mobile

So I surfed on over to a website that I had not checked out in a long time – Kevin Kelly's Street Use. KK also has a neat section on his website called cool tools. So today I see the photo above, and read the blurb. I am SO SPOILED here in America and thanks to Amazon.com. These people have to wait for a man with a camel to come to their neighborhood before they can buy a book. Whereas I simply fire up my computer, click a few buttons with my mouse, and boom it's in the mail and delivered to me in a truck in about 2 days. Well, Truck vs Camel... not that big of a difference I guess. By the way... Amazon sure has hooked me into financial ruin. A while back I signed up for their "Prime" membership. It was a carrot that Amazon dangled in front of me... sign up for FREE for 3 months. Man, I fell for it. Their 2 day FREE shipping is so nice. Of course it's not really free... I paid Amazon $80 for this "feature". But, the way I figure it, the average charge I would pay for amazon was about $7-9 and that was for a 7-9 day Ground delivery. So If I just round it up to $10, then all I'd have to do is order about 8-10 packages a year to have this service break even. I think I ordered 8-10 packages just this week! (not really). And with Amazon branching out to items beyond books, I think of Amazon first whenever I get the urge to purchase something. And just for the cherry-on-top... I have the amazon credit card, so I get points for each purchase. Ugh.

On a side note: I got a new package today in the mail from B&H photo for my camera. I got a small polarizer filter (should be fun to play with that to see what/how it will effect my shots.) I really admire the tones of the Canon photos, and a friend of mine told me a polarizer will simulate that tone that I like. We shall see. In addition to that filter, I bought 10+ Macro dipoter so I can hopefullt take some better macro photos. I plan on going to the Flower Show this Friday so it came just in time. Stay tuned to my flickr photos after friday for hopefully some nice photos of some unusual plants and flowers.

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