Friday, March 16, 2007

Human Beat Box

So the other day over on boingboing they posted about this guy who did a human beat box performance for some sort of "American idol" show (I think it was in France?). It was a pretty amazing feat, but nothing really struck me as wow.
So today they did a follow up post of this impromptu "concert" on a subway train ( I think in Paris). It's a tad long to watch, but Oh MY are these guys good! Performances like these give me the chills for some reason - whenever I see someone so filled with passion. The dude with his earphones (with his back to the performers the whole time) cracked me up too... as did one of the comments just below the video... "He didn't feel it" :)
I can't embed the video so you'll have to click this link to see it. Amazing!

FYI> For those of you "socially hip challenged" a human beat box is simply making drum and music noises with mostly your mouth (occasionally clapping, or body slapping is used too).


JWD said...

Another moment where the Kingdom of God breaks through! Beautiful.

valejandras said...

they are called "naturally 7".

here's their myspace page... you can listen to more of their music on it.

and their website-

good find!

later gator