Thursday, March 15, 2007

Son of a B

I'm working on limited sleep today so short post. I find that after my art class my mind is spinning and working overtime and it takes me a while to unwind. I also figured that since I was "awake" I'd finish a book (always a rare occasion worth celebrating) called a "Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson. I enjoyed it a lot. His hiking friend Katz was a funny guy. One thing that bothered me... throughout the book, Bill makes a big deal about running into a bear in the wild. Without giving too much away, he does finally encounter a bear... yet, at the end of the book he says "I wish I saw a bear" - maybe I mis-read it but I thought this very odd.
Anyway, the title of this post is "Son of a B" - we just had a day here yesterday on the east coast that was 79 degrees! A real taste of spring! Only to find out that tomorrow we're scheduled for another snow storm. The temps have been dropping steadily today and we're supposed to have a high of 39 tomorrow. In the voice of one of my favorite comedians "Lewis Black" - Son of a B!
Oh no... I just realized... now that I finished a book, I need to make that tough decision as to which one to finish next! I've got a few started...

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