Tuesday, March 27, 2007

quick tuesday

(I think I may have beaten this cold, but I'm not dropping my guard yet)

So this morning on NPR I heard someone mention the "troop surge"... Why ave we not heard anything about the Prez's plan and if it is working or not? What's it been a few months?

A little trade vent...
I use Adobe products in my line of work. I just saw this post that has more details on the new updates coming soon (maybe by the end of April). First off, I just bought all these programs in January, so I'm curious if I'll get any sort of discount on the updates only 4 months later. I doubt it. But... my biggest rant... WHY does Adobe make their software names SO confusing! It used to be: Adobe Photoshop Version 3, 4, 5, etc... Now it's Adobe Creative Suite that has several various package deals under different names, like "master, professional, design, print, extended, limited," and the list goes on and on. What a mess they have made.
And in the biggest news, they've officially dumped GoLive (which not many people used anyway) after buying out Macromedia. Lets see if they made Macromedia better or worse.
Adobe should follow Google's corporate moto: Don't be Evil.
All that said though, and I'll be forced to buy all these updates since there is no competition anymore.

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