Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flat tire and anchovies

So Friday I went outside and saw that my driver's side front tire was almost flat. I had suspected something was wrong, because about 2 weeks ago, I stopped to fill it up with air cause it looked low. I thought it was due to the cold weather. Then for the past few days, I thought I had heard an unusual sound coming from the same tire. But it was one of those things where you're not quite sure, and it tended to come and go. But when I saw how low it was the other day, I knew things were not right. I don't know where it was leaking from, but it did not have a nail in it. So Saturday I began my quest. I was torn as to purchase one tire of the same make and model, or take the hit to my checking account and purchase all 4 new tires. If I had my choice I'd probably go with all 4 and switch to the tires I used to put on my other truck–BF Goodrich All Terrains. These are a nice skinny but rugged tire with a good tread. They've always been good to me (except a little slippery on wet roads). The tires on my truck now are called Toyo's. I'd never heard of that make before. With a little diggin on the web, I see they are a canadian tire company, but they have a new plant in the southern US. A little more diggin and I found a local Tire place that sold them. I made the phone call, and lucky me, they had them in stock. So I decided to just go with the one new tire.
As a bonus... The tire place was across the street from a place I've been trying to get back to, but could never seem to find the time... The Asian food market. What a fantastic place. I know it sounds wierd, to talk about how great this supermarket is. Afterall, I'm sure there are many people who shop there as their everyday food market. If someone called MY local grocery store "fantastic" I'd think they were a little touched in the head. But for me, who has had very little exposure to other cultures, I'm like a kid in a candy store, all wide-eyed (sorry maybe a bad pun there) at all the sights, sounds and smells. I'm amazed at how many things there I just have no clue as to what they are. I specifically went there to pick up another tea strainer. I got one there a while back, and it's a really nice one. A fine mesh, small bamboo handle, fits nicely in a mug. But while wandering the store, I came across an item I saw before... dried anchovies. It's a beautiful sight... these small silver items in a clear bag that looks like a bag of pure silver, until you look at it closely and see the little fish eyes staring back at you. But I had to buy a bag. If anyone knows a good recipe for dried anchovies, please post in the comments! :)
I also bought a HUGE bag of Kim Chee (I don't know what possessed me to get such a large bag, but I'm lovin it). I got some nice brown rice and a few utensils... a japanese style soup spoon, and two little "dipping dishes" with the coolest graphic of a squid on them.
So, a good weekend for me. It went by way too fast though.
Oh, and I had fun with yet another photogamer contest. Even managed to get another mention on the website (again). Check it out over at

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valejandras said...

nice picture, cyen.

and BTW you're my photogamer role model too. ;-)

but first i have to purchase a camera... hee hee.