Friday, March 30, 2007

Electricity from Air?

Just a quick post - Cause ITS FRIDAY!!!
I just found this link over on the digg site about a new start-up company that claims it can produce small battery chargers that uses the "ambient" energy in the air. There is a much better explanation of it over on the news site, but it sounds almost too good to be true. A little like Steorn (Which I'm still waiting for the big announcement). If this thing is real and it can be marketed successfully it will be awesome. In a nutshell (as I understand it). You plug this small transmitter into the wall, that gathers the ambient energy, then broadcasts it to the small battery which then recharges itself. So no more plugging your cell phone, or portable phone, or ipod into a "dock" now you just have to be in the same room as your transmitter and the device will recharge. Really cool! Man, imagine if this thing could be scaled up... So your new electric car could simply be recharged by sitting outside your house.


Phil said...

its not axactly free energy and I'm sure it's not very efficient. but as far as i know it transmits power via radiowaves or something, similar to that of a radio tower. then the reciever has a special tuned circuit that collects the signals and turns them back into usable electricity.

I belive the first person to do this was Nicola Tesla. I genious was ahead of his time. He wanted to use this method to be enable everyone in the world to have access to free wireless electricity wherever and whenever they wanted. he apparently used this "wireless electricity" to drive his electic car down the street once. anyway funding for this project was withdrawn because there didn't seem to be a way to chage people for it. apparently, he later stopped work on this awesome invention in fear that people would use it for evil instead of good. he was supposedly able to focus the energy to a single area, some suggest that he was trying to do this one time and it went slightly pear shaped, you know kinda like getting a laser cannon from outer space and pointing it at a city. during his experiments he may have been responsible for the death of many after a town went up in flames for some unknown reason. it was never proved to be because of tesla's work of course but it was at teh time that he was doing this work on his massive tesla coil.

anywho, i have heard a bit about these devices and am looking forward to filling my house with more radiating devices in order to increase the amount of RF noise that is alrady zipping around cluttering our atmosphere and giving us cancer.

:o) Phil Sammons

cyen said...

Thanks for the comment Phil. Yeah, I'm not sure I understand the idea, but it did remind me of Tesla too. I still haven't made up my mind if he was a genius, or a kook or both :)
Filling our houses with more RF noise? What you don't have your tinfoil hat like I do? ;)