Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Faux News

Well, I have to admit, I have not been following the "Scooter" Libby trial that closely. It was really a bit of a moot point for me in that I knew he was the fall guy. I think Cheney and Rove were behind the leak, but you can't touch those guys, so Libby had to take the fall. (I obviously don't know, so this opinion is strictly "from the gut"). Anyway, I don't even really watch the main stream media corporation news or newspapers. I get all the news I need from the internet, and while surfing channels on the TV. Well, last night was a bit of a slow TV night so I found myself watching Faux News. Both Bill O'reilly and Hannity and Colmes had apparently the same speech writer. They went on and on about how Scooter was really "not guilt of anything" because the original case didn't go forward. So their reasoning was... Because Valerie Plame has not officially been "outed" as a CIA operative, then there was no crime committed. So let me get this straight... Let's say there is a murder that I witness (God Forbid!), the police come knocking on my door, to ask me who I saw do it, and I say (under oath) that mickey mouse did it. Well, that's gonna throw the investigation for a loop won't it? Now after a bit of time, the case for the murder falls through and it was just an accident. Shouldn't I still be held accountable for saying Mickey Mouse did it? (Don't sue me Disney - this is just hypothetical).
So most of Faux News was down playing the whole Libby thing, and throwing a lot of fluff and doubt out there that I couldn't take it anymore. I shut it off.
I was over on one of my new favorite websites this morning called I really like the idea of a "social network" news website. Idiotic things like Anna Nicole, or Britney Spears hair-style never makes it to the front page because most people don't care. I have my doubts though as to how newscloud is being run, but that's another story. Anyway, someone posted a comment that made me think... Can a "news agency" be held "accountable" in some sort of a legal way for reporting the news incorrectly? Can a talk show be classified as a news show? Is there anything that can be done to strip away this idea that Faux news is a "legitimet" news channel? I don't mean the entire channel obviously, but certain parts of it. OH well...
On an unrelated note...
There's been all sorts of buzz on the internet about the impeachment of the Prez started by some grassroots in Vermont. I'm going to be following this (if possible) to see what it's all about. I never really felt the impeachment idea was the best way to handle things, but if it happened I wouldn't be too upset... unless... the next in charge gets to hold office... Cheney... now that might be a bigger problem.

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