Friday, March 23, 2007

Where's my cape?

I know most people who read this won't understand this post but I'm posting it anyway.
There's a webcomic that comes out every M, W, F that is geared towards geeks. It's called xkcd (I've yet to look up where or why it's called that). It's simply drawn stick figures, but they have a certain style about them. What sets this webcomic apart is that it's almost always well written. Well todays was pretty funny, and now after reading it, I want a cape and goggles! Check it out if you want:

Wish I had more but it's Fri and I'm just trying to get through to the weekend.
One thing...
I keep seeing and hearing about this dvd called "the secret" - It came up in my Amazon list of top selling dvd's. It's some sort of new-age positive thinking hoodoo guru stuff, but I have to admit I'm curious. I saw it last night for $28! Sounds like a scam, but I'm still curious. What surprises me is that the film maker also did another dvd that I and probably only about 12 other people in the country have ever seen, about physics. I think the title was called "what the bleep to we know" (I'm too lazy to go look it up). Anybody have this book/dvd/audiotape of "the secret"? Wanna share what it's all about? Leave a comment.
Ha... I just realized, that's a marketing genius there... call something "a secret" and sell it to people for a high price, then at the end, tell people to not talk about about it - cause it's a secret.

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valejandras said...

thanks- this made me smile on a gloomy day.

have a pleasant weekend!