Wednesday, April 02, 2008 Coupon

Ok, I may be about a half hour too late in posting this, but it should still work...
Here's a coupon I found online for $25 off on any item on
Enjoy :)


JWD said...

Too cruel!

You got me... :D

At our house:

(1) Monk was sick
(2) Monk hit a slapshot through our neighbor's car window
(3) Chipotle was out of soft tacos and we were forced to buy Monk a burrito bol with black beans
(4) Krispy Kreme was closed for the day
(5) The cat left a surprise on Monk's new Hockey Tournament t-shirt
(6) Mom said she also got sea sick last time she rode a ferry (we're taking one today for Monk's birthday), but she couldn't say it without giggling, so it doesn't count. :)

cyen said...

hee hee
April Fools :)

Monk sick :(
I hope he feels better today (especially today!)

car window - yikes! Run!

Chipotle - :(

new hockey jersey - :(

Sea sick - :(

MAN! What's goin on over there. Enough!
I hope today is much better :)
Sending good vibes

Anonymous said...
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