Saturday, April 12, 2008

Book review

Ok, not a real in depth book review just a quick post to say that I'm enjoying another James Rollins book called "Black Order" (I'm only about halfway done). Huh, I just went over to James' website and I think I've read more of his books than I thought...
I know I have read: Map of Bones, and Amazonia.
I'm not sure, but I think I read "Excavation" a while ago as my first introduction to this author.
I enjoy Jame's writing because he tends to blend fact with fiction, and introduces a little history in there too. If I had to pick a favorite so far, I'd have to go with "Map of Bones".

I'm also looking forward to the next book in my lineup of many, called "Mount Dragon" by co-authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I've read a couple of their previous books too and enjoyed them... Relic, The Cabinet of Curiosities, The Codex.
Their website here.

IF anyone happens to find this blog post on the intertubes, I'm interested in Fiction books that involve archeology. The idea of building a mystery or a thriller around an archeology plot line, really fascinates me. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

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