Friday, April 25, 2008

Bell Shooters "not guilty"

So, this morning I woke to my clock radio to hear a very sad news item (one of many)...
The police that shot a man while in his car 50 times were found "not guilty".
The case brings up all sorts of questions, one of which is racism (though some of the police men were also black). To me, from what little facts I've heard on the case, it is not a case of racism, but more on police brutality, and the abuse of power.
To be fair, I was not there, and I know how difficult a policeman's job is to make split-second decisions. That being said, there just appears to be something wrong here where an UNARMED man gets shot about 50 times while he's sitting in his car.
My condolences go out to the family of Mr. Bell, and to the community as a whole who must now deal with this issue.
(on a side note regarding the media's role in this story... this article by the Associated Press, is quick to point out things like: They were at a "seedy strip club", they were drunk, the credibility of his friends, etc... These all sound like "excuses" to me, and detract from the real issues here. In other words, if it were a white male, in front of a bank, who just got done working, then the story would be a tragedy. Shame on you Assoc. Press.)

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