Thursday, April 03, 2008

Baseball been bery bery good

I had more I wanted to say here, but I ended up sitting in my chair tonight watching TV, and playing with my new toy (kp3), and now I lost my train of thought as to what I wanted to say. So rather than wait until tomorrow where I might lose even more, I'm just going to throw this out there...
Last night I went to a Phillies game! My friend got some last minute tickets through his office, and asked if I wanted to go. I told him "to be honest, I'm not a big baseball fan, so if you know someone who does like baseball more than me, I think he should ask them" - luckily, he didn't so I agreed to go :)
We got there just a little late (still first inning), because of a traffic jam going over the Walt Whitman Bridge. A car had broke down on the bridge - ugh.
We made our way through the stadium (which was very nice and clean) down to our seats. The seats were amazing! We were about 7 rows back from home plate. If you drew a line from the Right fielder, through the batter, that would be where we sat. The tickets go for $75 a piece! Yikes! I was thinking of my family out on the west coast, because they're all big baseball fans, and I so wanted them to be there but 3000 miles can put a kabosh on that. I know they would have loved it though.
I can't comment too much on the game itself, and I don't know much about the game. I will say, that twice, we saw two amazing plays! The batter hit the ball, and it was headed right between the center fielder and the Right field. The right fielder started running to try to make the catch (I thought, no way, it's going to be a base hit for sure), but much to my surprise, the ball had such a spin on it, that it literally curved right to the right fielder where he made the catch! I have never seen a ball curve that much after being hit. It makes me wonder about the physics involved in that. I can understand how a golf club can embue a golfball with spin, but a bat? And a spin that goes in parallel with the direction of the bat? That's crazy! (I know, it probably happens all the time, but it's the first time I've seen it and from the perfect angle.)
I was also blown away by how clear the big screen was! You know the one that's basically a large screen TV just above (or below) the scoreboard. The picture was incredibly sharp, and brilliant colors. very cool.
Lastly, the prices! OMG! One beer (bud) was $7.00! (I fell for the extra ¢25 for the phillies aluminum "bottle", only to throw it out at the end of the game, because we realized it would be considered an "open container" if we were to get pulled over by the police!) A Hotdog, was $5-6... and they had these little 6" stuffed toys (Philly Phanatic) that sold for $14!!!
I mean, I had this vision in my head of baseball being a sort of blue-collar "Every-mans" game, but you'd have to be rich to afford these prices! The thing is... people all around me were buying this stuff up! So, I gotta give the stadium credit cause they know they can get away with charging these prices cause people will buy them.
Overall, I enjoyed myself, and had a fun time. The weather was a bit cool (they said it was in the high 30's!) but I just had my jacket on and was comfortable. No complaints.
It was easy to get caught up in the buzz of the game too, there was a genuine enthusiasm that seemed to be amongst the entire crowd. It was opening night after all.
Who knows... I might become a baseball fan someday :)
(though to be honest, the Phanatic's antics were the highlight of the show for me ;)

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